About Grover Jackson

GJ2 Grover Jackson Handmade Guitarts USA

It all started in 1978.....

When Grover Jackson began working at Wayne Charvel's guitar repair shop in Covina, CA. Within a year he bought Wayne out, and was able to take on ownership. At that time the shop was already making replacement bodies, necks, jackplates, & pickguards, which spawned the idea to make guitars under the Charvel name. They made there debut at NAMM, in the summer of 1979.

From that moment to present day, Grover Jackson has built guitars for some of the greatest musicians on earth, including Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Jake E. Lee, and George Lynch. 

As a guitarist himself, Grover was always interested in input and comments directly from players, and many guitar models were originally done as special custom projects, where he worked one-on-one with their namesakes. One particular vision came to be one day in 1980. Originally called The Concorde, the Randy Rhoads model was the result of a marathon session that started with an outline drawn on a napkin, and ended 12-hours later with what has become one of the most unique and identifiable guitar designs – ever! Originally meant to be a Charvel, the neck-thru construction and radical styling of the Randy Rhoads seemed to beg for its own identity beyond that of the current offerings, it was at this moment that Jackson Guitars was born.
The dam was burst and the Randy Rhoads model was followed by the Soloist, the Kelly, King V and more. With respect to what was called a Charvel and what was called a Jackson, from 1982 through 1986 all bolt-on instruments were branded “Charvel” and all neck-through instruments carried the “Jackson” brand.
In 1985, Grover Jackson sold the business to International Music Co. (IMC), a distributor of various brands of music-related products. IMC folded the Charvel and Jackson product lines into one homogeneous grouping with little to distinguish the two brands.  In a story that has been repeated many times over, after an initial boost under IMC, Charvel and Jackson, the brands and the instruments, started a long swoon towards irrelevancy. Disenchanted with what the brands had become and foreseeing the inevitable, Grover left the company in 1990.
From there, he consulted for or supplied many companies including Rickenbacker, G&L, Washburn, Sadowsky, B.C. Rich and many more.  He found himself wanting to build guitars again, and in 2012, Jackson co-founded his own guitar brand, GJ² Guitars, in Orange County, California. Grover maintains his lifelong commitment to building high quality USA made guitars.