GJ2 Inspiration Series

Back in the 80's, the demand grew so much for Grover Jackson's guitars that it was critical for him to offer import models.  Since that era, the quality and craftsmanship from factories in other countries has improved at such an affordable rate that we felt it was necessary to offer Grover's designs, without the USA price!  
These instruments are great stock, but we decided to add some improvements and bring them to USA standards.  Starting in 2016, every Inspiration Series guitar will receive a computer controlled PLEK fret dress, performed right here at our shop in Orange County, CA! This improves note articulation, bending, resonance and overall playability.  For tone, we installed Habanero Pickups which are also built in our USA shop.  Each guitar gets a rigurous inspection and setup along with a final once-over from Grover himself.  He then signs the back of every headstock with approval! 
With limited quantities, grab yours today!

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