Watch Tom Dumont’s First Meeting With Zora 3

She’s been black, then white, and now sports the “all-natural” look. And she’s not even finished changing yet.

Tom Dumont just picked up his third incarnation of the GJ² Zora model guitar, and he’s enjoying the variety so far. “Prototyping is a process” as the No Doubt guitarist described it, and Tom is continuing to explore different variations to find out what his ideal version of Zora will be. This latest prototype model is made of Sapele wood (similar to mahogany) from Africa, with an oiled finish to bring out the beautiful grain pattern. New options for this version include a floating Gotoh tremolo bridge, and two GJ² Habanero humbucker pickups with a coil tap. The ebony fingerboard again features the art deco-inspired chevron inlay motif.

Tom posted some terrific photos on his blog as soon as he got back home. (She looks pretty on pink!)

What will Zora number 4 look like? Stay tuned to find out. Better yet, subscribe to the blog and our social sites.

In the meantime, watch our little home movie, below. (Yeah, we’re better at making guitars than videos.) It’s like eavesdropping on Tom’s first meeting with Zora #3 and hearing his reaction. Enjoy the photos, too.

Want to take home your own Zora? Drop us a line and let us know which look and features you prefer. We’ll set you up with a model that plays like a dream.

Zora #3 right after meeting Tom Dumont. The Sapele wood seems to absorb some of the carpet color.

This version of Tom’s Zora guitar (prototype 3) features GJ2 Habanero humbucker pickups and a Gotoh floating tremolo bridge.

All-natural Zora 3 stretched out on the workbench, showing off her curves.

Tom Dumont’s Zora 3 before the hardware and a final coat of oil finish, awaiting assembly.

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