GJ2 Concorde guitar white pinstripes


Named in honor of Grover’s guitar-making roots, the “Glendora” is our new line of bolt-on neck instruments available with or without pickguard and a myriad of pickup variations.

GJ2 Concorde guitar white pinstripes


The Hellhound takes its name from one of the most legendary songs by pioneering bluesman Robert Johnson, “Hellhound On My Trail.” The Hellhound is a beast of a guitar available in traditional and worn-in finishes and offers all of the most sought after pickup configurations.

GJ2 Concorde guitar white pinstripes


Harking back to Grover’s original collaboration with Randy Rhoads, this guitar is the ultimate incarnation of the shark’s fin shape that sparked Randy’s imagination.


“Arete” is an ancient Greek word meaning “excellence in all things.” Perfectly balanced in weight and tone, the Arete is available in a variety of premium tone-woods, pickups and hardware.


The Shredder does indeed live up to its name! It is a 24 fret, 24 3/4″ scale speed machine with a ton of great sounds. It has 2 “Habanero” Classic humbuckers but with a 5 way switch to throw some single coil tones into the mix.