Meet the New Stoney Eye Studios Model

Check out the curvy new GJ2 Arete 5-Star model, inspired by and adorned with beautiful women. This is the second guitar in a limited series custom-painted by Josh Cardinali, a Southern California guitarist and artist. Each one includes a certificate signed by both Josh and Grover, as well as a framable print of the guitar art. The one Josh is holding here needs clear-coating and hardware, but we couldn’t wait to show you the work in progress.

You can see more of Josh’s art at his Stoney Eye Studios website.

To get your hands on one of these beauties before they’re all spoken for, get ahold of your nearest GJ2 dealer.

Josh Cardinali shows off his second custom-painted GJ2 Arete guitar.

Baby Got Back: attractive rear view of the GJ2 Arete guitar painted by Josh Cardinali

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