The GJ2 Advantage

With master craftsman, Grover Jackson, at the helm, our instruments achieve sonic greatness and no penny is sparred on components.  In fact, some hardware does not meet our standards which is why we manufacturer many of our own parts including bridges, knobs, pickups, pickup rings, pickguards and backplates.  Everytime you pick up your GJ2, you should feel confident it will perform flawlessly gig after gig!  

Steel & Wood

The GJOriginal Tremolo was deisgned to highlight maximum resonance, tuning stability and precise whammy action.
We use locking tremolo style studs and achors that have a sharp point for the knife edge of the bridge plate.  Much like a Floyd Rose, this allows the bridge to return to pitch time after time.  
The block and saddles are machined from stainless steel providing maximum resonance and sustain.  Tonally speaking, steel provides just enough highs to accenuate and balance the wood.
Our Locking trem arm is the last critical piece of the puzzle.  Having the ability to lock the arm to the bridge plate allows ultimate sensitivity and control like never before.  There is no slop or wiggle, plus it can be tighted to any position.
Available on every model.
We make all of our pickups at our facility in Orange County, California, using only the finest materials and techniques. We have a simple philosophy and do not intend to re-invent the wheel. We take tried and tested traditional “recipes” that are tweaked and adjusted under the direct supervision of Grover Jackson.

There are lots of replacement pickups on the market today and the choices can be frankly baffling. The fact is, that like the guitar itself, the pickup should offer a reflection of the person playing it. Therefore we don’t have 20 different degrees of distortion, nor do we have a humbucker for blues and a different one for rock. We have a selection of high quality pickups to fit most types of electric guitar with varying strengths of output for you to use to share your playing voice.

Concorde™ Tailpiece

Much like Grover's original asymmetrical flying V design, he sculpted a tailpiece worthy of the Concorde's body lines.  The shark fin like design really brings us back to it's classic predecessor and alos matches the inlays.  Each tailpiece is machined right here in our shop using brass or aluminum and then buffed to a high luster.  

Phenolic Pickup Rings

Phenolic is a hard, dense material made by applying heat and pressure to layers of paper or fabric, impregnated with a synthetic resin.  We machine these in our shop and they are practically indestructible.

Flying Saucer Knobs

Another Grover original, these ergonomic knobs feel smooth, precise and comfortable.  Crafted from aluminum, powdercoated and wrapped in a rubber gromet, they are built to last and ready for abuse!
*Available on Arete™ and Concorde™ models

GJNJ - Grover Jackson Neck Joint

Bolt on necks have revolutionized the electric guitar industry since their inception.  A classic 4-bolt design has worked for centuries, but it has a minor flaw!  The neck and body are screwed together on flat surfaces but can twist if the neck pocket isn't tight and precise.  Our approach isn't to reinvent the wheel on joining a neck to a body but we surely want that joint to be rock solid, worry free and straight. 

Using offset holes and stainless steel studs, our bolt on necks go on straight and do not shift or sway.  Grover's approach is a simple and very effective fix on a traditional design.  We also test fit each neck to each body to insure a clean and precise fit.  Sustain meets worry free.

Tuning Stability

Hipshot's open gear locking tuners provide everything we need from a tuning machine. Elegant in design, these tuners are built like tanks and have a precise 18:1 tuning ratio.  Locking the strings in place, they provide quick string changes and better tuning stability.  We order them in different post heights so that they staggered, whichs means no need for a string tree.