About GJ² Guitars

With GJ2 Guitars, Grover Jackson is back. After 35 years of experience and experimentation, he’s still pushing the limits of what a great guitar can be, as only Grover can.

Now reinventing himself and his craft yet again as GJ2 Guitars, Grover and his business partner, Jon Gold (a lifelong guitarist and enthusiast who most recently served as Sr. VP of International Sales and Marketing at Fender Musical Instruments Corporation) are redefining the modern electric guitar.


A Partial List of GJ2 Innovations:
A new neck-through heel design with improved access.

Unlike most manufacturers who buy parts and complete sub-assemblies from a small group of the same suppliers, GJ2 makes everything they can, not just the wood parts, but pickups, pickup rings, back plates, ergonomically designed knobs and more.

“Invisible binding” is a new look that ads beauty and value to the instruments.

A pioneer of the compound radius neck, GJ2 has developed a new production method that creates a more accurate geometry for even smoother bends without “choking.”

GJ2 has developed an improved process of producing the three-piece neck-through-body core.

And more…